Our job is to make you better.

The primary goal of Crossfit Lancaster is to provide the location, programming and coaching you need to get better. To that aim, our first and most important job is to teach you how to move your body efficiently, to move loads correctly, to push the envelope of your comfort zone well past its current boundaries, and to challenge you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Your job as a Crossfit Lancaster Athlete is to define your “better”. You can do so in any way that you see fit: be a better athlete, parent, partner, friend, worker, person, really any way at all that you want to be better. It is our firm belief that the training you will do here here will not only make you stronger and faster physically and mentally, it will give you the confidence you need to improve literally every other aspect of your life. We want to help you get there. Clearly, crossfit is not just another exercise fad, and Crossfit Lancaster is not just another gym. We’ve been around long enough to know what works, what is effective and affective in your life, and what is not. Our primary concern is you! Is this too much to ask of a gym in a warehouse without a single elliptical machine or any mirrors? Give yourself 6 months and see what happens.

Of course, we are a gym, so there are few things that pertain specifically to your physical fitness that we like to emphasize.

    • Human Movement: Excellent Human movement is completely safe, amazingly efficient and immediately, obviously beautiful. Bad human movement is dangerous, inefficient and ugly. Our goal at Crossfit Lancaster is to make our movements excellent long before we allow our weights to get heavy. Anything else is a recipe for incapacity and injury. We strive to do less better, so that we can do more longer.


    • Work Capacity: The size of your engine and the size of your gas tank are equally important. A Ferrari with a 3 gallon gas tank will go very fast, but not very far. A Prius with a 60 gallon gas tank will drive all day, but will never go very fast. Some people have a very strong engine, but have very little by way of a gas tank. More people have big gas tanks, but not enough engine. If we’re being 100% honest though, most people are understrong, and can’t run very far either. Here at Crossfit Lancaster we focus on increasing both the size of your engine and the capacity of your gas tank, making you both Stronger AND Faster.


  • Community: When you walk into a normal gym, you probably don’t talk to anyone beyond somebody asking asking you for a spot on the bench press in the smith machine. Everybody has their earbuds in, they’re lost in their own world rocking out to their newest Awesome Pumped Up playlist. Not here. We’ve got your picture on the wall and your name written right on it. Everybody knows you and are excited that you’re here. We are competitive, but not the kind of competitiveness that builds rivalries. We are all here to challenge each other to get better, and you start to know pretty quick who you should be chasing and who should be chasing you. At the end of the day, we’re really just exercising, right? But by putting your name on the board, turning the clock on, and giving you points exercising becomes a game, and that’s a whole lot better than 3 sets of 10 on the preacher curl machine, isn’t it?