Coach Yoder

Coach Maureen Yoder
My name is Maureen Yoder. After being tired of not have the strength to do much myself, I tried to get stronger through using online workouts and then a cross-training class at the Y where I lived in Strasburg, PA. The class introduced me to things like wall balls and tire hits, but was quickly shut down when the instructor left. I did an online search for ‘cross-training in Lancaster, PA’ and found CrossFit Lancaster. I had no idea what it was, but contacted Tim Card and set up my first intro class.

A couple years later and it’s a huge part of my life. I’m much stronger, lost about 9% body fat and am much happier and healthier. I knew not long into becoming a competitive CrossFit athlete that I wanted to become a coach and spread the love to anyone I could and help the find the confidence it can bring. The coaches, my CrossFit family and my husband (also a CrossFitter) were incredibly supportive in helping me reach that goal.

I’m proud to be a member, competitor and coach for CrossFit Lancaster. I strive to project the love and friendship I’ve been shown here to everyone who walks through the doors. Joining here brings not just health and strength, but a second family.