Coach Burkhardt

Coach Kathy Burkhardt
My name is Kathy Burkhardt and I am a born and raised ‘Jersey girl.’ I moved to Lancaster County in October 2011 when I married my college sweetheart, Alex. I’ve always enjoyed running and outdoor sports. Alex and I ran a few half marathons and completed the ‘Insanity’ program before becoming members at CFL. When we started CrossFit it was the first time that I had ever picked up a barbell. I had trouble with every lift and struggled to get through workouts, but I was determined to become a better athlete. I came back to the box every day and I ended up improving in all areas. I became a Level 1 trainer because I love CrossFit and I want to share that passion with others. You’ll find me at the box most evenings WODing and encouraging fellow CFL members. Give CrossFit a try… It’ll change your life!